DSIX was established in January 2007, in Jakarta by a group of passionate music enthusiast who wanted to provide an outlet for their creative ideas. Since its founding, DSIX has expanded its scope of service by becoming a multi articulate promoter and organizer of events in Indonesia. due to our excellent track record, our presence has become vastly recognized within the community throughout the country and abroad. At DSIX, our main focus is to run every event successfully, from start to finish. We measure our success not only by the quantity of people in attendance, but also by the quality of service and our ability in meeting the attendees’ expectations.

DSIX, led by quality management personnel, believes in providing our clients, partners and consumers with high standards and exceptional service. So as to maintain that, we always plan and organize all projects thoroughly, and in a professional and timely manner. It is our commitment to ensure that all aspects are met and well-maintained.


We aim to become an influential body in the dance music community.


To meet audience demands for quality dance music and events.